OBD tracking and monitoring device

You can monitor WHAT?

What an amazing world we live in.

After fitting a tracking and monitoring device to a vehicle the other day, we sat down and ‘monitored’ it as it drove off.

The particular tracking device plugs into the OBD (on-board diagnostic) connector that is in all modern cars. What is amazing is that we where then able to see not only the vehicle’s exact location, speed and direction, but a multitude of other data, directly from the car’s on-board ‘computer’.

Real-time fuel use. Ignition timing. Fuel injector performance. Engine load. Coolant temperature, for heaven’s sake! We could view about 50 different parameters, in real time.

All this from a device that fits snugly in your palm, and was installed in under 2 minutes. It just struck me how far we have come.

If you want to monitor your vehicle’s...

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In-vehicle video recording with GPS tracking

There’s a growing demand for the ability to record video from a vehicle. As well as providing evidence of traffic infringement, this equipment can provide commercial benefits. For example, a newspaper distribution company can verify delivery of materials to a customer.

Safety benefits for drivers can also be realised, as in the case of taxis and public transport vehicles (buses, ferries etc).

A two channel mobile digital video recorder (DVR) will automatically record continuously from two separate cameras, mounted inside or outside the vehicle. The device can also record the vehicle’s GPS location for later display on a map, as well as inertia data (G-force) for monitoring harsh acceleration, braking and cornering.

Looking at the footage and data at a later date is easy; either in the vehi...

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