Whatever you need

What can I monitor?

You can monitor virtually anything. Speed, RPM, fuel use and driver behavior are just some examples. You can also keep an eye on things like engine temperature
and oil pressure – the system will even SMS you if it detects risky or dangerous conditions.

It’s also possible to monitor and record the use of auxiliary equipment on specialised vehicles – like bin lifters, sprayer pumps or slasher blades.

While checking the location of vehicles is easy, the system can also tell you if a vehicle has entered or exited a ‘zone’ that you specify (known as a ‘geo-fence’).
Whenever this occurs, the equipment can notify you, or activate vehicle features like safety lights or video recording.


How it works

How do I track and monitor my vehicles?

Once the hardware has been installed, tracking and monitoring your vehicles is easy – just log in using any internet connection. Even use your phone.

The system can even SMS or email you with updates, or if something ‘goes wrong’.

Can I send jobs to my drivers (dispatch)?

Yes. Jobs can be sent directly to the vehicle, while it is in the field. Drivers can acknowledge receipt and completion of the job, and you can see this back at the office.

The vehicle unit can even provide full navigation for the driver, job by job – saving time and money.



Can Karera Tracking install the equipment in our vehicles?

Yes. Karera installation technicians can come to you, anywhere in NSW. We can also supply plug-and-play tracking equipment that you can install yourself.