OBD tracking and monitoring device

You can monitor WHAT?

What an amazing world we live in.

After fitting a tracking and monitoring device to a vehicle the other day, we sat down and ‘monitored’ it as it drove off.

The particular tracking device plugs into the OBD (on-board diagnostic) connector that is in all modern cars. What is amazing is that we where then able to see not only the vehicle’s exact location, speed and direction, but a multitude of other data, directly from the car’s on-board ‘computer’.

Real-time fuel use. Ignition timing. Fuel injector performance. Engine load. Coolant temperature, for heaven’s sake! We could view about 50 different parameters, in real time.

All this from a device that fits snugly in your palm, and was installed in under 2 minutes. It just struck me how far we have come.

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